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Picklists For Lookups To Other Objects

Customization & App Building

In certain instances, it would be better for a lookup field to another object to be formatted as a picklist instead of a free text field.

Perhaps certain custom objects could be designated as a "static" or "reference" objects, and would be limited to holding a certain number of records (say 100 or 200). The user would then have the option of creating a "Picklist Lookup" field on another object which would present the records in the "reference object" as values in the picklist.

That would allow administrators and developers to store hidden data values for picklist items in the "reference object", but still present the label values in the picklist.

This is a basic capability in any relational database, and it would greatly enhance the capabilities of the Salesforce.com platform and allow for more robust business application development

This is related to Chris925's idea:


but different because I would like to see the picklist values actually stored in a custom object, not just have a hyperlink to a report for the selected value.

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 6 years ago

    Hi Everyone, quick update on this Idea:
    While this request is not on our current roadmap, we recognize the value in adding this particular feature so we are still considering it for development on one of our future roadmaps.

    We'll review this Idea again in a release or two to let you know where it stands at that time.
    Thank you for your patience.

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