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Thread Sleep for Apex Code

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It would be great if we had a way of sleeping the running thread server side while we waited on something to happen inside of Apex code. When working with objects that have triggers, the triggers run separately. If those triggers update values in the objects you're working with, this won't be reflected in your code until the trigger has finished. Currently, this can be faked by going into a loop that runs until a certain time using the datetime methods. A simple method such as "sleep(milliseconds)" would solve this problem and make code more efficient on the Salesforce servers.

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  • Josh Kaplan - 7 years ago

    We do not plan to offer the ability to sleep a thread.  In the mutli-tenant world, a sleeping thread is one that cannot be used by another customer.  If this happens once and again, yeah, it's fine.  But, if used poorly, this could harm our service.

    We have a very specific save order that should allow your processing to happen in serial fashion.  You can access modified values in after triggers, so there shouldn't be any benefit to sleeping a transaction.

    Regarding 3rd party limits, I don't think we would open our service up to disruption in order to comply with a 3rd party's wait restrictions.  Most of these offer bulk alternatives, and I recommend using these as best practice.

    In terms of callouts, there are some new options that are piloting in Spring '14 that will allow a sort of sleep to take place while callouts are in flight.

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