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Increase the limit on the number of reports a user can subscribe to

The new report subscription feature is really nice, but only being able to subscribe to 5 reports is not helpful.  Most users who want to subscribe to reports want to do this for at least 10 - 15 reports.  I'm not sure why the limit is hard-coded… Show more

1033 comments · 5 years ago

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Update report names and move report folders via Data Loader

We frequently re-brand products in our business and it would be helpful if we could mass update brand names in report titles via Data Loader rather than updating the report title of each individual report. Also it would be a nice feature to be able… Show more

137 comments · 10 years ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Inline editing of REPORTS

Inline editing should be extended to include Reports. We use reports to have our users clean up a lot of data and currently you have to drill into each record separately to edit. It would be nice to be able to double-click one line of a report and do… Show more

275 comments · 12 years ago

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Increase limit of row level formula in report

In winter 20 release salesforce introduced row level formula fields in reports.It is really an awesome feature. But it is restricted to 1 field per report, we can only create 1 field in a report. It should be more. Can salesforce plan to increase… Show more

95 comments · 11 months ago

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Schedule Reports as Attachments and add Adobe PDF, Excel Option

The schedule report feature is nice but it would be great to have an option to have these reports as an Adobe PDF attachment. I run reports to our Executive Team and need them in an PDF format. Also, sometimes I also need to schedule reports to Excel… Show more

1049 comments · 11 years ago

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Filters for individual dashboard components

It would be useful if individual dashboard components could use filters.  For example if I had a 3 dashboard components that looked at the same data set for the current month, current quarter, and year to date, I could use one report if I could… Show more

203 comments · 8 years ago

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Up for Prioritization
Up for Prioritization

Limit rows in Lightning report builder

In the Classic report builder, you can limit the number of rows in a tabular report.  Please make this feature available in Lightning.Classic:Lightning:This is needed to be able to create reports that can be used in dashboard components.Relatedly, I… Show more

40 comments · 1 year ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

More Report and Dashboard Chart Color Customization

The ability "Set Colors for Picklist Values in Charts" was delivered in Winter '10 and was a great improvement.  However, there's still a need for the ability to customize further -- for example, when grouping/summarizing on non… Show more

251 comments · 9 years ago

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Report Filter: ONLY the most recent Activity for each Parent Record

One of our clients requires a monthly progress report based on the last activity for their opportunities. Salesforce does not allow me to do this. Instead, I have to pull up a report that contains all activities listed. I then have to export this… Show more

282 comments · 12 years ago

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Einstein Activity Capture for Custom Objects

A very useful add-on to the Sales Cloud is the Einstein Activity Capture. However in its current release, the AI dictates where the activity will be related and only to standard objects. Since most if not all organization have implemented… Show more

26 comments · 2 years ago

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