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Journey Builder Script Activity

Journey Builder

Journey builder offers many out-of-the-box Activities and the possibility to create or download custom ones from AppExchange. However, there is a space between those solutions that Salesforce can cover to empower Marketing Cloud users. An out-of-the-box Script Activity, similar to the one available in Automation Studio.

Flexible enough to offer countless possibilities to SFMC power users without the complexity of creating a custom solution with the whole hosting, scalability and security considerations.

Right now, it requires either:
- Stitching multiple Journeys and Automations with status-capturing Data Extensions to let members flow through the mix or
- filthy tricks with scripting in emails and, in the end, raising an error to block it from sending (quasi Script Activity with bad impact on reporting, performance, speed and super messages).

Salesforce can solve it. Below are two possible solutions (and a bonus one for even more performance-oriented fun):
1. Minimum Valuable Solution: Script Activity with the same features as in Automation Studio. The possibility of executing SSJS (or even AMPScript to optimise performance) against every Journey member would allow for pre-send updates of data from external systems using HTTP functions to ensure that crucial personalisation details are up-to-date.
2. Solution Deluxe: Extension of the previous idea to define various paths based on a predefined value in the script. Think about custom decision splits using out-of-sfmc data that allow you to change the Journey path based on real-time information from external systems.
3. Bonus Solution: There is also a place for a much less system-heavy script activity on the side. One that captures all members that get to that Activity and in predefined cadence (for example, every hour), if there is at least one member available, executes provided script once. Think of it as a mix of Wait and Script Activity that allows executing logic applied to groups. Use cases? Lazy update of the personalisation-source Data Extension that happens only if there are members that would need it. Or performance check of the subsequent communication to decide whether the members should receive it. All with the performance impact of one script execution per hour - regardless of the number of members.

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