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Answers - Improve Moderation & Create Code of Conduct

Collaboration, Answers & Groups


Answers under is a fantastic resource for those needing help and those wanting to provide it! However, I see at least two issues with how the Answers "forum" is (not) being moderated. 

Problem#1 - Many Questions are Never Answered
This is often due to the fact that questions are not properly asked. Anyone who is an active contributor can probably attest to the fact that it's difficult to help someone when there is no context i.e. no details on which product is being used, no mention of what has been tried already, no screenshot of the process, no "Hello.." (..that's a different story), etc. For instance: 
Example of a bad question.
These kinds of questions come up daily and usually never get answered because collaborators understand that plenty of questions have to be asked before you can actually help. As a result, the forum has too many bad questions, and people who asked them don't receive the help they actually need. Asking the right question correctly is not easy, especially when you're starting in IT or SF. 

Problem#2 - Questions that are answered are often not marked Best Answer and therefore are not marked Solved. 
On the flip side, when a question is answered, we see collaborators often ask the person who posted the question to mark it as the Best Answer so that it can be Solved. One, I don't think it should be on the collaborator to moderate that; and two, while helping the community is the priority, collaborators deserve to get their credit, too! Especially that there are people who have contributed 1000+ and many more times (you guys are amazing!)

The idea is to provide the Answer's Code of Conduct (it can be named differently, of course, so it doesn't sound so serious) which includes a template/instructions for how to ask questions properly (and maximize chances of having it answered quickly) and prompts people to mark their questions solved when they are solved. This could be presented for all newly signed up users, or every time you ask a question (maybe the first 10 or 20 questions that you ask). 

I would hope to see:

  • Moar questions answered
  • Moar solved questions
  • Moar (happy) collaborators helping people instead of chasing them around to mark their answer Best Answer :)
  • Moar happy Salesforce community members
  • Less "bad" questions without any context that are never answered
  • Less confusion amongst collaborators and people asking questions
  • Less frustrated people looking for answers
A lot of these can be actually measured to understand the impact this change can make! 

What do you think!?!? I would love to hear from the community what other moderation rules should be implemented to make Answers even better than they are right now! 

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