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Allow OR and Condition Logic in Get/Update/Delete Records in Flow

Process Automation

Currently, when you use a Fast/Record lookup and add same field twice as a filter condition then Salesforce secretly applies filter logic AND/OR to the query.

However, when we have all unique field as filter conditions, Flow evaluates them all as AND condition.

For Example:
I need add a Fast Lookup in my Flow to query list of records where  ((Field_1__c = 'First'  AND  Field_2__c = 'Second')  OR   Field_3__c = 'Third')

So I put 3 conditions in my Fast Lookup :
Condition 1st : Field_1__c = 'First';
Condition 2nd : Field_2__c = 'Second';
Condition 3rd : Field_3__c = 'Third';

Currently flow will evaluate it as (1 AND 2 AND 3)  and not as (1 AND 2) OR 3.

As a workaround, either we do an addtional Fast Lookup specially for a stand alone 'OR' condition such as the 3 in above example; or query large data set and use Assignement to filter it out. However it turns combersome when the initial query return large data set. 

It will be great if there can be a way to add Filter Logics in Fast Lookup or Record Lookup. Something similar to workflow rule.


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