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Correct the color ordering in the Spring `17 Release logo

Customization & App Building

From the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption chatter group:

The Spring '17 Release logo has been chosen. And the winner is... Rainbow!

Thank you for helping us choose the winner.
Spring '17 Rainbow

I'd propose that that is a rainbow as the following is an apple.
Orange is not an apple
Yes, they are both fruit, generally round in shape, you can eat them, and they grow on trees. But they aren't so similar that they get confused.

Back to the rainbow - to quote a famous and well respected engineer: 
"You canna change the Laws of Physics" - Scotty

A rainbow is a rainbow because of the reflection and refraction of visible light as it passes from a medium of one density to another and then back again. The wavelength determines the amount to which light is refracted. 

Indigo and violot shouldn't be shuffled before red as they are in the proposed logo. They have a shorter wavelength than blue.

Please correct the ordering too Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (from largest to smallest ark).

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