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Einstein Analytics Dataflows: Rename Column Transformation

Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics)

I'd like to suggest a "Rename" transformation type for EA dataflows.

This addresses 2 principal use cases:
  1. Replacing a column with a formula
  2. Appending external data to salesforce data with relationship paths

In the first use case, let's say I want to sort opportunities by their logical order instead of alphabetically.  I would need to concatenate sort order from stage with stage name.  Today, I create a new field called newStage that does the concatenation, use a slice to remove stage name to free up that field name, perform a second compute to create a new stage name field with newStage as the input, then a second slice to remove newStage.

If I had a rename function, I could rename stage name to oldStage, create my new field with the concatenation, then just hide the old field with the XMD or dataset fields.

For the second use case, let's say I want to append two datasets together that are similar to opptys and quotas where the quota data is external.  On my salesforce data, the field is Owner.Username, while on my external quota data, it's Owner_Username since I can't use dots in my field names.

Today, I'd need the same 4 nodes as the first use case.  With a rename transformation, I'd just change my salesforce field from Owner.Username to Owner_Username.

The UI would be very simple.  Name the node, pick the source, add a field.  Each field added shows a list of available fields.  Pick one, then populate what the new name would be.

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Latest Comment from Salesforce

  • Tim Bezold - 1 year ago

    We are delivering this as part of the Next Generation ETL platform in Einstein Analytics: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/summer20/release-notes/rn_bi_integrate_data_prep.htm
    Will update the idea from Open to Roadmap soon!
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