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Let’s get the Trailblazers connected and invent the MY SCORECARD

Lightning Experience

We all love Trailhead, and we all compare our Badges from our colleagues, friends and perhaps MVPs.

Now more and more Leaderboards can be found online, but do we all want to be on one big Leaderboard?

Since Salesforce launched MY Trailhead, I would like to see MY SCORECARD, with MY Colleagues and MY Friends and other Salesforce User I’m connected to.

Of course this could be handled by Trailhead Tracker, but I can only be on one Tracker Org and I can’t challenge myself with external Trailblazers. – and I do not want to change my Trailhead Username ;-)

So as you know from social media websites, I would like to enable, that Trailhead Users can connect, with an invitation which has to be confirmed.

When two users are connected, let me tag them as “Colleague”, “Company-A”, “Company-B”, “Salesforce Employee” or “MVP”
Sent invitation to get connected with this Trailblazer, this can be done direct on the Profile or….

Profile incl. 'link up' Button

…also you can use the Trailhead search to find Trailblazers, who have a “Public” Profile.
In the search result, there is a Button to get connected.

Search for Trailblazers

The invitation can be accepted or ignored

invitation can be accepted or ignored

And when you connected, you can add Tags to your connected Trailblazers, to group them. – Numbers in bracket show how many Trailblazers you have

Trailblazer Tags

So than you have a nice overview of all your connected Trailblazers and start your challenge against YOUR connected Trailblazers.


Or you can filter via the Tag you have added to your connected Trailblazers to filter



Leadership Screenshot where taken form https://toptrailblazers.com/ and adjusted for my mockups.
Dear MVPs and Trailblazes, I hope you don’t mind, I took your pictures and your profiles for those  mockups.

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