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Relate an activity (task/event) to multiple "Related To" records

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Looks like adding the ability to "Relate an activity (task/event) to multiple 'Related To' records" was an idea several years ago. It was subsequently merged (it seems incorrectly) into an idea to add the "Ability to create custom lookup fields on the activity object".

As a field account executive using Salesforce to manage my tasks, I often connect via email or phone with channel partners involved in more than one opportunity. It'd be great to be able to associate multiple "Related To" items (e.g., opportunities or accounts) to the same email that's been sent so it shows up in the Activity History for each opportunity or account.

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  • Ying Wang - 1 year ago

    Thanks for all the feedback on this idea! It is a valid use case, but given how activity today can be related to different types of standard and custom objects, keeping the application performant and honoring the sharing rules is quite a challenge as is. So unfortunately, it is not on our near-term roadmap to expand the current single WhatId model to multiple WhatIds.
    One potential solution for some use cases is to use Einstein Activity Capture and emails/meetings with multiple contacts of different opportunities will display under each of the opportunity. You can check our help doc to understand how we relate Einstein capture activities to salesforce records. 
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