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Flow "Compare" Element

Process Automation

Many of us have run into situations where we desire to compare the values of sObject Collections and sometimes regular Collections within Visual Workflow. Currently, we have to use loops within loops, or, depending on the situation, you may be able to get away with just one, and a few assignment and decision elements. There is a limit, however, of elements that the flow can execute (2,000) so this solution is not desirable when dealing with many records.

So what if we had one element that did the comparing for us? With this, we would save massive amounts of system resources when we need to do this, and it wouldn't take as much knowledge and time to construct. How about an illustration?
User-added image
Pretty nifty, eh? Anyways, to explain it a bit, you must put in two collections of some sort, whether it be an sObject Collection variable, a field in an sObject Collection variable, or a Collection variable. It compares both of them, and places the values that were in Collection 1 exclusively in the "Only in Collection 1" resource, the same for Collection 2's corresponding field, the values that were in both collections in "In Both Collections", and lastly all the values in "All Values". Just a note to make, you probably won't need all four of those, so none of them should be required.

Also, should a single variable, an sObject variable, the field of an sObject variable, or another resource that stores only one value, be compared to a resource that contains multiple values, I'd like this element to return a variable whose value is true or false, depending on if the value was matched, instead of the four fields given in the illustration.

Please share this idea in many places so that we can get many votes quickly, and get this feature built and released soon.

Thank you much!
Parker Edelmann

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