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Rename the racist term "Whitelist" to "Safelist" in Setup

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The terms Whitelist and Blacklist are rooted in the racist concept that white = good and black = bad. Better alternatives exists, like "Safe List" and "Block List." Please remove Whitelist from setup and both Whitelist and Blacklist from online help. Language matters when it comes to diversity and inclusion--please be a leader here!

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  • Joanne Ward - 1 month ago

    Thank you, Steve, for calling this to our  attention. I thought we'd already removed these  “whitelist” and “blacklist” terms because they are offensive. Our style guide does NOT include them but clearly we didn’t update all the legacy UI text, code references, and corresponding content.

    Now on it! Our style guide for content and UI text says specifically NOT to use them. We have started a project to remove all references in content, UI, and code. Many references are embedded in code and UI so we’ll be partnering across Salesforce Product and Engineering teams to get these terms changed in the UI and in the code. We're also working across the company to remove these terms from Salesforce content. We are also doing a review of our language to find any other potentially offensive terms. With gratitude, Jo (SVP, Product & Technology Content and Communications, Salesforce)



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