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Provide a mechanism to exclude object variables/properties from toString()

Development (Apex, LWC & VF)

If you use the transient keyword on a classes variables and then serialize an instance of the class to JSON the variable will be excluded.

Can we get a similar mechanism for Object.toString() ? (Without having to override toString on every Apex class)

E.g. Try the following anonymous Apex:

class WatchTheSize {
    public string largeString = 'Lorem Ipsum....';
    public transient string secretLargeString = 'dolor sit amet';

WatchTheSize wts = new WatchTheSize();
The first debug statement will output both strings. The JSON serialization will omit the transient variable.
15:16:13.2 (4687775)|USER_DEBUG|[7]|DEBUG|WatchTheSize:[largeString=Lorem Ipsum...., secretLargeString=dolor sit amet]
15:16:13.2 (9995886)|USER_DEBUG|[8]|DEBUG|{"largeString":"Lorem Ipsum...."}
This would be useful as an additional mechanism to protect sensitive data and to reduce the size of debug logs where entire objects are inadvertedly debugged out. It also has applications for wsdl2apex to reduce the size of CALLOUT_REQUEST logging.


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