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GraphQL API Support


It would be great to see GraphQL supported as a standard API language to access Salesforce Data
  • This is an emerging standard in the way of requesting data over http (like REST and SOAP that Salesforce supports today). And I would like to suggest Salesforce looks into it.
  • Benefits:
    • You only get back only what you ask for, instead of all fields on the object, reducing the size of the response
    • You can get back more than one object in a single standard request call which would reduce the impact on limits because you would be able to get back a slew of data from several objects with a single call rather than several calls, one for each object
  • There are people who have written support for it in many languages, including Java --thinking APEX there (
  • I can see how this spec would translate very easily into SOQL.
  • Example

    Given the following SOQL:
    SELECT Account.Name, Account.Custom_Field_1__c,(SELECT Contact.Name, Contact.Custom_Field_2__c FROM Contacts) FROM Account Where Account.Id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

    this is what a GraphQL request might look like:
      Account(Id: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx") {
            Contacts: {

And this is what the response would look like (it comes back in nearly the same structure as specified by the request. You’ll notice Id was not requested but I know it is always returned by Salesforce so I added it in):
      Account: {
            Id: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
            Name: "Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection",
            Custom_Field_1__c: "Some value",
            Contacts: [
                        Id: "cccccccccccccc1",
                        Name: "Scott Gerstl",
                        Custom_Field_2__c: "some other value"
                        Id: "cccccccccccccc2"
                        Name: "Jakub Hanson",
                        Custom_Field_2__c: "jhsdlgkjhsdlg"

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