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atexit" support for Apex Code

Process Automation

Since triggers only handle 200 records at a time, it would be convenient if we could schedule some code that runs in the same transaction as the current transaction, but after all other triggers, recursion, etc has executed. The registration function could be called repeatedly, but would only execute once at the end of the transaction. Here's some code that demonstrates this interface:
public class MyAfterEverythingElseHandler implements System.AtExitHandler {
    public void atExit() {
        // Perform some cleanup. For example, perform one last DML, send emails regarding the transaction, etc.
The class only triggers if called at least once through System.atExit, such as:
This is similar to the @future annotation, but doesn't spawn a new process, has access to the full static environment of the current transaction, and remains subject to the governor limits of the current transaction. Multiple handlers could be registered via this mechanism, but the calling order would be undefined.

Typical uses might be to aggregate together a @future call on many thousands of records at once, debug logging, aggregate email sends across triggers, etc. Ideally, this interface should restrict DML operations, perhaps calling a "plain" commit for any records modified during the handler (e.g. no triggers, workflow rules, etc), or disabled completely, but could still call @future methods, System.executeBatch, System.scheduleBatch, and System.schedule.

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