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Please don?t limit custom objects on Community License profiles

Accounts & Contacts

The new Customer Community and Partner Community licenses limit any user profile to 10 custom objects.  The Customer Portal and Partner Portal licenses they replace had no such limits.  As Salesforce transitions from Application Licensing to Platform (PAAS) licensing, please price when value is delivered, not when it’s allowed.

The 10 Custom Object limit means that we can’t use many AppXchange applications.  DocuSign, just to pick on popular example, requires end-user access to 6 custom objects.  As customers, we can’t optimize Salesforce partner products’ object models.  And there’s not much functionality that we can deliver in 4 custom objects.  So our only choice is not to use them partner products, and build only trivial applications ourselves—hardly what I think Salesforce or its partners want.

As the DocuSign example shows, many custom objects provide an important function, but account for trivial load on the platform.  Others can be pigs.   So rather than charge at the Profile object access level, why not justly compensate yourselves when the objects are used?  For example:
  1. Limit the number of Related List per page to 5, and charge for more.
  2. Limit the number of custom objects included in one SOQL query.
  3. Evolve to a usage or storage type for objects—say Low, Medium and High options.  Give us 10 High, 15 Medium and 30 Low usage/storage objects per standard Community License, with the option to add more of any at some $/object (self-service purchase too).
Without more custom object flexibility, AppXchange products will increasingly be narrowly limited to extension of the core SFA and CRM full license capabilities.  And the opportunity to be the health PAAS eco-system will be severely handicapped.

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