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State & Country Picklists - Allow admins to configure accepted Text values

Accounts & Contacts

After enabling the State & Country as Picklist, when you query one of the new picklist fields, such as Account BillingCountryCode, which is the newly created Billing Country picklist on the Account, it returns the ISO Code value to you. So if the field shows "United States" through the UI, you get "US" back in the query of that field.

When trying to update that field (BillingCountryCode), or any of the standardized picklist Code fields, you must use the 2-letter ISO Code values to make the update.

As an Admin I'd like to have the ability to set up acceptable text values that could be submitted and still mapped to the standardized picklist value. I want to allow my developers, or external API consumers, to be able to send in a configurable list of values, per country, and be able to accept those values.

So for the United States (which is the standardized value), I would want to allow "USA", "US", "United States", "United States of America", or "US of A" to be sent in and the system recognize those should all map to United States. This will make it much easier for external systems to integrate with the State and Country as Picklists feature.

I should also have the ability to indicate whether I want to allow case-insensitive text to be sent in (e.g. If "UNITED StATes" is sent in, match it to United States / US, and still allow the update to succeed).

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