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Criteria Based Sharing rules: Allow Lookup/formula/dynamic values and user field

Customization & App Building

At present Lookup fields and formula fields are not allowed to create sharing rules. Due to which duplicate text fields need to created and maintained.

There is lot of requirement based on which we need to dynamically decide who need to have access, that thing can be implemented easily if dynamic values are allowed. These dynamic values can be in form of formulas or result of calculation of multiple fields.

Also, there should be provision of including cross-reference object's field to form part of sharing rule on both left or right side of the criteria.

Further, to this there must be provision of providing access to a user which is refered in the object (master or detail ) itself. For example, If Sales Manager is a user field in a custom object, which is selected by user dynamically then we should be able to assign the access to Sales Manager populated in custom object record. To explain further, there are situations where we can have n- number of users in master-detail relationship on detail object side. In that case we should also be able to provide access to users populated in users field in detail object records.

I have 8 applications running in SalesForce that require such kind of feature. But due to lack of functionality, we have to write thousands lines of code for each application.That does not comply with 'NO SOFTWARE' strategy.

Criteria based sharing is wonderful feature. Make it useful, by providing above features.

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Latest Comment from Salesforce

  • Larry Tung - 4 months ago

    Thank you for voting and commenting.
    With the Spring '21 release, we will allow more dynamic visibility through Restriction Rules. Custom Objects is currently being worked on (pilot in Summer '21).
    Work with your account team to be nominated into the Restriction Rule pilot.
    See the Restriction Rule trailblazer group for further details.
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