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Edit Chatter Email Alert Subject Line Format to Include Actual Subject Matter

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I've been searching but cannot seem to find anything on point...has anyone ever suggested modifications to the Chatter email alert subject lines such that it actually hints at the subject and not just who posted from which group? This would serve to identify at a glance which emails would be of interest for me to read throughout the day and expedite processing the multitude of Chatter alerts received daily. I understand that there is a daily digest option, but there are times I would like to see the information when it is first posted, depending on the subject matter.

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 6 years ago

    Michele- I can answer your questions.  

    Our product team uses the Ideas submitted via the IdeaExchange to inform and influence their roadmap. While we try to prioritize delivering Ideas that will have the most impact (ie highest point value), there are many factors that influence that decision (like complexity, market temp, other priorities, etc). Some of our largest Ideas have over 50,000 - 70,000 points to give you some context. And to date, we've delivered over 60% of our top customer Ideas with more on the roadmap in the next few releases.

    An Idea existing, being a certain age and/or having a certain number of votes or comments does not guarantee it's place on the roadmap. As mentioned above there are other factors that come into play. Once an Idea reaches 2,500 points (just 250 votes out of a potential voting base of nearly 2 million) it is guaranteed a review and response from our product team though.  Ideas can and do get responded to if they are below that threshold on an ad hoc basis; but it's guaranteed once it hits that number. 

    I hope that helps. This idea is a good one and has just passed that threshold.

    @Gary Yowell- I'm sorry you feel there is no concern for addressing this issue. If you see in my previous update we've tried to address this in three different ways, and are still looking at ways to address it as originally requested. To me it feels like we have a lot of concern to address this one, but I understand how why you feel the way you do since the request is still outstanding.

    Happy to chat more - feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss the roadmap process in more detail. 

    Latest Update from our Product Management Team:
    We are targeting some time next year for delivery (safe harbor) but at this point we can't commit to a release date.  We will post a new update once we are closer to having that nailed down, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

    Previous Update: 
    We have tried to include the subject in the Email Alert Subject Line but unfortuantely it doesn't work very well. The reason is that in most email clients the subject line gets cut off after a certain number of characters. As a result the information that gets displayed is usually of very low quality.

    However, we are doing two things to help address this. First, we are shortening the existing subject lines to be more concise. Instead of "Bob Jones mentioned you in a comment", we will say "Bob mentioned you". And second, we surface the subject matter in the form of preview text that can be rendered by the email client next to the subject line (see the red box in the screenshot). In conjunction with the shortened subject line, this should address the issue in the majority of email clients.
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