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Roll up display of Notes and Attachments in Lightning as it was in Classic

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Notes and Attachments in Lightning only display under the object they've been attached to.  In Classic, anything that had been attached at a level under the Account - Contacts, Opportunities, Contracts, Tasks, etc - was displayed as an attachment when viewing the Account.  It would be ideal to have this functionality back so that users aren't needing to trawl through multiple child objects to see all of the attachment history for an Account

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  • Neil Hayek - 1 year ago

    Thank you all for your interest in using Salesforce Files and commenting on this idea.  Also, thank you to those who have tried to help others with this issue.

    I understand how seeing attachments from related records on an account has been saved time for you and your users, having only one place to look.  However, we have learned that this approach doesn’t scale for all customers. When there is a large amount of child records with attachments, it can be quite taxing to load the account.  If you’re not a user in an org which does this, you may not have to wait long for your attachments to load, but it would likely still be slower than loading Files.

    There have been some alternatives mentioned in the comments below which I’d like to mention:

    Doug Ayers has an open source solution which you can try to use is as, or else develop to customize as needed:

    Amit Gaur has also made a free app to view child files:

    Paul Tunison posted about a managed package which provides this functionality and more:

    Another alternative to one of these applications is to take advantage of Salesforce File’s ability to be shared with multiple records.  If a file is posted on an opportunity, it can be shared to the parent account. If it’s shared, then you can view the file from the account.  A trigger on ContentDocumentLink could be created to do this sharing automatically.

    I appreciate your understanding, and hope the other functionality of Files, such as our full-document previews, can help your users save time and desire using Files instead of Attachments.

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