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Null Coalesce Operator

Development (Apex, LWC & VF)

One of the most common operations we're faced with every day is considering if a value is null or not before we use it. Currently, we're forced to write the same verbose code over and over again, either by branching or ternary operators.
String[] parts = (source==null? '': source).split(',');
Or, alternatively:
String[] parts;
if(source == null) {
    parts = new String[0];
} else {
    parts = source.split(',');
This type of pattern appears in almost any non-trivial class or trigger, and probably appears hundreds of times in a typical project. We use them for default values, and to provide a non-null reference for many of the operations we have in salesforce, since most of the standard library will throw exceptions with null parameters.

It seems like virtually other modern language has a concept of null coalesce operators.
... JavaScript, Ruby, etc
x = y || 10;

... C#, PHP 7, Swift, etc
x = y ?? 10;

... Perl, etc
x = y // 10;

... ColdFusion (with parenthesis), PHP 5.3+
x = x ?: 10;
Java is, of course, notably missing from the list, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have such a useful language feature. Ternary operators require specifying the left-hand variable twice to get a result if it's not null, if statements are bulky and cost more time to get code coverage for, and utility methods require more CPU time (by approximately double).

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