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Opportunity Partners and Competitors in Lightning

Lightning Experience

In Lightning Experience related lists 'Partners' & 'Competitors' are missing under opportunities (and accounts). Would love to see them in LEX too. Like related listst 'contact roles', which is available.

Setting up Look Up fields isn't just a very ugly workaround, and opportunites, especially in our business, can have several competitors and partners of interest for the sale.

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  • Aria Niazi - 1 year ago

    Regarding Partners related list, we now have Opportunity/Account Partners in Lightning (Summer '19)

    Regarding Opportunity Competitors, we likely won't be migrating it. It was never a good implementation to begin with.  This was built before we had custom objects (it's ancient). It's a related list to an object with a free text field for the competitor (it's not normalized). The competitor names will vary on opportunity to opportunity - one person will put XYZ Co, and other XYZ Inc, etc. This makes competitor reporting next to impossible. Consequently, most custormers don't use the out of the box competitors related list - they build something custom. If you like the way this works, it can be replicated with a Custom Object. Alternatively, you could improve on it with a custom object that has a picklist with a pre-defined set of competitors so that you can more accurately report on it. I've also seen customers just put a custom picklist field right on the opportunity (Primary Competitor, Secondary Competitor).
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