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Allow more than 4 fields in Lightning Compact Layout

Lightning Experience

Currently even though the compact layout option shows as many fields as you want, only the first 4 show up.
User-added image
So in this example above, I have nine fields, but only 4 show up and there is no warning. So I would love any of these three options:
- Allow as many fields as you want with a scroll bar of some sort
- Allow multiple lines, so in this case, I could have 3 lines of the fields I want.
- At least warn the user that only 4 fields will display

While I understand that this feature was originally designed to work on a mobile device, on a 22 inch monitor where I have plenty of space I would like to see more.

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  • Eric Shih - 7 months ago

    Really appreciate everyone's feedback on this idea! Since Lightning Experience launched, we have increased the number of fields that show up in the second row of the highlights panel to be 6, which added with the primary field, means 7 out of up to 10 fields allowed in a compact layout show up in a Highlights panel on Desktop. The biggest challenge for increasing this to 10 has been the limited horizontal real estate and a tug between adding in an extra row, or horizontal or vertical scrolling, and the common feedback we receive that users have too much scrolling. It is on the longer term roadmap to address this and provide more fields. 
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