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Actively Build and Support Open-Source Utilities

Operational Reporting should encourage its employees to develop and release open-source administrator utilities.

Many administrators need administration/documentation help, but don't have additional budget for partner-built utilities.

I've included a few ideas below, and have posted more at

(Feel free to let me know you own ideas! @ekenigsberg #apphitlist)

  • "Deep Clone Anything" - App that makes it easy to add a "Deep Clone" button to any Page Layout. A "Deep Clone" is like the regular Clone function, but it clones all the related records, too--think of the "Clone with Products" option available on the Opportunity Page Layout.
  • "Documentation Builder" - Click a "Create Org Design Doc" button; Salesforce spits out a formatted Microsoft Word doc that documents, in detail, the current configuration, including object and field descriptions.
  • "Dummy Record Store" - A dummy-record container that Apex test classes can refer to. It would provide a UI for creating & maintaining dummy records for any tables the user wants. Those dummy records
    • wouldn’t show up for ordinary end users and
    • would be easily accessible by test classes. This way, test-class failures caused by records that fail validation rules could be fixed through point-and-click. The app would also notify the admin any time the dummy records failed validation rules.
  • "Field Administrator" - Administer (create, modify, delete) all object fields from a single screen--no wizards!--that supports working with multiple fields at once. Possible use cases:
    • Create a bunch of fields from a spreadsheet-like interface
    • Create a bunch of fields by uploading a CSV
    • Delete a bunch of fields at once
    • Rename fields easily 
    • Create a new field with <5 clicks, with Field Administrator defaulting all other values. Ideally, (1) click "Create Field", (2) select field type from list, and (3) click "OK" would be all I need to do, and I'm free to specify more detail anytime I like.
  • "Report Repairman" - When object relationships change, Reports can become obsolete--but in the wake of small changes, they're repairable with a bit of XML tweaking. An app that automatically repaired Reports' fixable relationships (eg, Lookup to Master/Detail) would be a terrific asset. Thanks to Silverline's Greg Grinberg for the idea!
  • "WhoCanDoWhat" - App that shows, either by User or Profile, who's allowed to do what in the current org. Lots of charts. See for mockups, or check out for a similar idea about the User Access Visualizer.


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