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CHATTER - filter my own personal actions and remove them from my feed

Chatter & Files

Please make it possible to filter out my own "chats" from my personal feed.

Users want to follow opportunities, leads, campaigns .. whatever, but we want the "stuff we do ourselves" to not chatter back to the person that made the change. 

Again... I know I moved up the opportunity probability up... why is chatter telling me so? (I was completely conscious when I did it.) It's like a little annoying robot I'm glad isn't elsewhere in my life: (imagine..) 
you just started your car.... 
you just paid your visa bill.... 
you just updated your boss on your pipeline... 
you just bought your wife flowers 

I want to scream: 

So while I want to follow an "something that i have an interest in", I want to only see edits and changes people OTHER THAN MYSELF make... and I don't think this is possible. 

Our users are pushing back on chatter usage, as it appears to be more of a "personal action logging system", logging everything one does, and I tend to agree. My chatter log is completely polluted with my own actions, so much so I have to scroll for miles to see actions made by others. 

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 6 years ago

    Hi Everyone, quick update from Product Management:

    This is a really good idea, and we understand how having too many personal actions in the feed can cause clutter and disharmony. While we're focusing on some other priorities at the moment, we definitely want to keep this tracking this Idea for potential inclusion in a future roadmap.

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