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Change User License of a Profile

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While editing a Profile, I would like to change the User License field.  It is currently not editable.

Let's say you create a Profile for a Sales Cloud License and set up all of the very detailed security and sharing settings.  At some point down the road, you discover that this Profile does not need all of the privileges of a Sales Cloud License, and that a Platform License is more appropriate (and more cost-efficient).

I would like to keep all of the settings that I had, just change the User License type to platform.  Of course, this would remove their access permissions to the Sales Cloud objects (opportunities, products, campaigns, etc.)

However, I am not currently able to make this edit.  My only option is to create the Profile from scratch using the Platform License or clone another Profile that uses the Platform License.  This is quite tedious.

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  • Adam Torman - 7 years ago

    Thanks for the idea. I understand this is a problem and it makes upgrades/downgrades very difficult to manage. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to implement this in the future. 

    A license is nothing more than the maximum set of values allowed on a profile. As a result profile is an instance of a license. For instance, it allows you to select modify all data on a salesforce license while a platform licensed permission set explicitly prevents selection of this permission. Many permissions are common between licenses, especially things like CRUD on custom objects. 

    Because of this connection, provisioning of licenses drives the creation of a standard profile in an org that is the starting point for all other profiles with that license. If we could change the license on a profile, we would not know what to do with the permissions that are defined on the previous license but are no longer valid on the new license. 

    I would recommend looking at org-wide permission sets to enable the transition from one license to another. It's designed to not violate the terms of the licenses that you've purchased. It has no license to limit what you can select on it; however, we will prevent assignment to a user if it violates the terms of the license. 

    As a result, you can create an org-wide permission set with the same attributes of the platform license in your case, assign it to your users. Because it doesn't have anything more than what you had on the user's original sales profile, your users will continue to have the same rights as they did before. Then you can downgrade your users to platform licenses and just focus on the things that aren't already supported on the permission set like page layouts and ip ranges. 
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