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Success at Dreamforce: the Girly Geeks

Opportunities & Quotes

(We’re posting Dreamforce success stories in the weeks leading up to #df11. This is our first.)

Who knew there were so many Salesforce Girly Geeks?

You know the scenario. Dozens of events, hundreds of sessions, thousands of people… and just one person from your company: You. What’s a Dreamforce newbie to do? 

Geraldine Gray and SaaSy

Geraldine Gray had that feeling before her first Dreamforce in 2008. But then she “met” Brandy Colmer on Twitter. The two struck up a friendship before ever actually meeting in person at Dreamforce ’09, where they stuck together and avoided most of the larger networking events. They had a theory, though, that there were scores of others out there just like them: lovely ladies who were just as shy about attending the after-hours activities. Wouldn’t it be great if they had a support group of girls who liked to geek out over Salesforce—but also discuss what fashionable footwear is comfy enough for a full day of traipsing around Moscone?

Brandy Colmer at Dreamforce '10

Last year, the Dreamforce App provided a perfect opportunity to test their hypothesis. Geraldine created a group in the Dreamforce App—to the delight of Girly Geeks everywhere. To her surprise, the Girly Geeks became one of the most popular and well trafficked groups in the App, hitting a niche that had largely flown under the radar.

Geraldine and Brandy say it best right in the group’s description:
“Are you a girly geek coming to Dreamforce on your own? We’ve been there and done that—but it’s much more fun in a group. This is a girls-only happy hour... It’s not “networking” and there’s nothing to sell. It’s just a few girls, a few glasses of wine, and some easy company so that you recognize a face in the crowd over the next few days.”

The Girly Geeks happy hour

If you’re heading to Dreamforce '11, odds are there are ten, twenty, or even hundreds of others out there with similar interests and goals—and the Dreamforce App makes it easy to find them. Just browse through the various groups to see what sticks out—or even start a group of your own. Go on... Get social!

Girly Geeks unite—Get social at #DF11.

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