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Delete or edit milestones without deleting the Entitlement

Case Management

We recently decided to change the criteria for a milestone. Since the milestone was part of an active entitlement, it could not be edited or deleted. Simply making the Entitlement in active does enable editing or deletion of milestones. The solution suggested by Tier 2 Support was the deletion of the whole entitlement, rebuild it, and then make the new one active. The consequences of deleting a process with active cases and custom code was more than our team would consider. We developed a work around, but this would not have been possible if it were not the last milestone in the process.

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  • Michael Ramsey - 6 years ago

    There is no need to clone an Entitlement Process.  Versioning was introduced for Entitlement Processes in the Summer '13 Release last year.

    Entitlement versioning lets you make changes to existing entitlement processes, even if theyre assigned to active entitlements and cases. This can be useful if the business rules behind your entitlement processes change, for example, or if you need to create multiple versions of the same entitlement process that have only minor differences. With entitlement versioning, you dont need to create entirely new processes; you can simply create new versions of existing ones. 

    Once youve created a new version of an entitlement process, you can choose to apply it to all entitlements and cases assigned to the previously used version, or only to new entitlements and cases. 

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