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Capacity to change Existing User Licence to Chatter Free

Provisioning & Onboarding

We have some old inactive Salesforce users, who are no longer using the tool from a CRM perspective, however, we'd like to bring them on to Chatter Free.

It appears that we can mark a new user as either a paid Salesforce license or Chatter Free login, but do not have the ability to change an inactive user record to Chatter Free. 

Is there a way to get this option to work for existing, inactive users?

If we can't find a way to change the existing old/inactive users to Chatter users, then we'll wind up with DUPLICATED user accounts. And as you know, it is not good practice to have duplicate records. 

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 5 years ago

    Hi Everyone- apologies for the delay in getting back to you with an update on this one. It seems straightforward but as I mentioned in my last update this requests touches a lot of areas of the product which makes delivering it trickier than it seems.  There is a significant and complex development investment required to ensure the level of access provided to a paid user license is reverted and not visible as part of the downgrade to a Chatter Free license. With that in mind we have to carefully assess the potential security and compliance issues that may arise and design a solution with them in mind.

    Outside of allowing the switching between licenses types, it sounds like the inability to maintain a user's Chatter history and activity when that switch happens would be the second most important ask on this request. Would you agree? Assuming that's the case we are also exploring whether there is a separate potential solution for that particular need as need as well. 

    So the short answer is we unfortunately don't have anything tee'd up on our current roadmap that will address this need, but we haven't given up on it and are still exploring how and if we can best address the need.

    I know that's the the update you were hoping for, but we'll continue to push forward on this to see if we can find a solution. I'm available to chat more on the topic if you have additional feedback or want to talk in more detail- just private message me and we can set-up some time.  Otherwise you have my commitment that I'll circle back with an update as soon as I have more to share.
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