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AppExchange App of the Week: Introducing Aloha Apps

Accounts & Contacts


App of the week is a bit of a misnomer this time around because instead of featuring a single new app, we’re introducing you to a whole new category that we’re calling Aloha Apps.

Unless you’re running on Salesforce CRM Unlimited Edition chances are you’ve been prevented from installing more AppExchange apps due to org limits related to apps, tabs, or objects.  With Aloha Apps, you won’t run into that limitation. 

Now, no matter which edition you’re using (Group, Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited) you have access to more than 500 Aloha Apps that don’t count against your system limits for apps, tabs, and objects.  More apps plus more access equals more success which is why we call it the “all-you-can-app” experience.  

Finding the list of Aloha apps is easy—just go to  From there you can view the whole list or narrow your search by the most popular subcategories.

User-added image

Here are just a few of the more popular apps you’ll now have access to:

User-added image

/ Custom Tabs Custom Objects
Financial Force (Accounting) / 18 / 26
(Recruiting) / 13 / 35
Ascent (Inventory Management) / 24 / 43
Kugamon (Order Management) / 11 / 3
EchoSign (eSignatures) / 5 / 3
(Mass Email) / 3 / 2

With Aloha Apps, you can explore new apps to your heart’s content and, as Jeff Grosse--one of our favorite AppExchange All Stars likes to say, “become a hero to your users.”

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