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Prevent activation of Process if a limit is violated

Process Automation

So, you are building out a process and it is SWEET! It creates a big set of tasks (more than 10) and after everything looks good, you go ahead and activate it. 

Then you test it, and you get a classice Salesforce error:
Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow
The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. 
A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID blah blah blah. 
Contact your administrator for help. 

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So, back to the lab you go...clone the activated process (since you can't modify once activated...and you can't test until you activate!), try again, same thing.

Unfortunatley, the email alerts are not helping either...

So, to google you turn..and find on page 9 of the process builder guide that you have "up to 10 immediate actions and 10 scheduled actions to a given criteria node".

Well, that explains why it wasn't working, but it doesn't explain WHY the process builder even allowed you to save that many actions!

And thus, my idea. 
"​Prevent activation of Process if a limit is violated" There needs to be SOMETHING in place that prevents you from activating a process that will just result in an error...


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  • Shelly Erceg - 5 years ago

    The limitation refered to is in the Beta Process Builder Guide and refers to the beta limitation from the previous release. As of Spring '15 there is not a limit on the number of actions that can be run in a process. Sorry for the confusion - we will try to clarify our documentation. Prcesses are subject to platform runtime governor limits like apex & flow. 
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