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Increase the limit on the number of reports a user can subscribe to

Operational Reporting

The new report subscription feature is really nice, but only being able to subscribe to 5 reports is not helpful.  Most users who want to subscribe to reports want to do this for at least 10 - 15 reports.  I'm not sure why the limit is hard-coded to be 5 but having a higher limit (like 25?) would be much appreciated.

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  • Anusha Surepeddi - 3 months ago

    As a follow-up to our original approach and timeline for this, the new Lightning PDF Service that was mentioned as a dependency for scaling and increasing the limits of Operational Reports subscriptions didn't work out. The platform service wasn't able to scale deployment and meet key feature requirements from consuming team, especially around usage tracking and performance.

    Therefore, the Tableau CRM analytics team has recently taken over this initiative and will start building out a scalable accessible PDF service that will likely use Hyperforce. The plan is to Pilot the service on Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) dashboard subscriptions in the Winter '22 release. Then depending on the Pilot success, we will offer the solution to scale Operational Report and Dashboard subscriptions in subsequent releases.

    I want to clarify that there is no additional product purchase required. We are considering using Hyperforce to help us scale this offering to increase the limit. This is the highest priority in our roadmap - we are actively building a new solution and fast tracking this effort with joint engineering effort across multiple teams.
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