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Process Builder: Waiting Flow Interviews: Provide Better Information

Process Automation

When time-based workflows are triggered, we can monitor when they are scheduled to actual perform their actions using the Setup...Monitor...Time-Based Workflow page.  We can see the workflow rule, the actual record that triggered the workflow, and most importantly when it will fire.
Scheduled Actions for the Process Builder show up under their own monitoring page, Setup...Create...Flows...Paused and Waiting Interviews. This new Section displays the name of the Process that has a scheduled action, when it was triggered and if you want to count the number of criteria in your process, you can figure out when action is supposed to fire.  Two key pieces of information are missing: \
1. The name of the record caused that caused the Process to fire.
2. The date when the Action is actually scheduled to fire.

It's nearly impossible to test/troubleshoot scheduled Processes so please add this information to the Waiting Flow Interviews page. (And how about including the Criteria name instead of myWait_myRule_1)


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  • Tim Peng - 1 day ago

    This idea was considered during the May 2020 cycle of Prioritization.  The community prioritized other ideas for the upcoming releases ahead of this one.  However, we will continue to review this idea in future product roadmap discussions. See prioritization winners at and learn more about Prioritization and how you can shape Salesforce products via the IdeaExchange at

    We understand the problem and investigated it diligently.  There are significant design challenges & technical challenges involved in making waiting Flow Interviews easier to lifecycle manage, partly due to the relative flexibility of the Pause element (which Process Builder's scheduled actions also use under the covers) and partly due to the way that Paused Flow Interviews are fundamentally architected (which is different from WFR).  We identified & tried out a few potential solutions but did not find one which we believed would both provide a level of user experience we considered acceptable, and also not paint us into a corner with regards to ongoing work to make fundamental improvements to action scheduling.

    Thank you for keeping the passion up for this over the years.  We understand the gravity of this problem and will continue investigating for a solution that will age well.
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