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Allow for Partial Number Search within Global Search

Global Search - Desktop

Various source system account numbers are currently displayed within the text field "Local Business Partner ID" under the Account External Reference sub-record on an account page. These Local Business Partner IDs may display differently depending on how they were initially entered into Salesforce.

Within the SAPPRD100 source system, all account numbers are an eight (8) digit numerical strain which begin with 101, 202, 303, or 404 (sold-to and ship-to for NA and Canada, respectively).

If these account numbers were imported from the initial data load, they will display with a leading "00" double-zero.
For example, 
0020293211 with the Logical System Name of PRD_100_01.

If these account numbers are created via the Customer Data Hub (CDH) per a manual process, they will display as they do within the source system.
For example, 
10145181 with the same Logical System name of PRD_100_01.

Users have no way of knowing how the account number is displayed within the record (with or without the leading zeros??) and thus herein lies the problem with the current search functionality:

If we try to use the Global Search to find the aforementioned "20293211", and type that specifc strain of digits into the search, we will receive no results. Likewise, if we use a wildcard placeholder such as * before the digits - *20293211 - we will still receive no results.
The only way to retrieve that account number is to search using the leading zeros.

Because the Local Business Partner field is a text field, we need to allow for a partial number search to return those account numbers which may contain leading zeros.

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