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Roll-up Summary Fields for Account - Account (Hierarchy) Relationship

Accounts & Contacts

The Account Hierarchy functions in salesforce need alot of work. One thing that would be a huge help is if we could perform roll-up summaries within the hierarchy. Here are some example of how I picture it being used: - Calculate the # of Accounts in the hierarchy. If there are multiple levels of the hierarchy, show the number of accounts beneath whatever account you are looking at. - Roll-up financial/sales information. If each account has a field like sales volume, then you could do calculations based on what the values are at the lower levels. - Avg. Percentage change. If you track % change (of whatever) information as fields on each account, at the higher levels you could calculate the average % change of all the levels beneath it. Like I said. In my opinion Account Hierarchies need alot of work. But I think this would be a huge step forward.

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  • Karen Otuteye - 4 months ago

    Hi all, thanks for your interest in this idea. As you might imagine, hierarchies/rollups come with some very tricky performance considerations that make this a non-trivial feature to build. At the moment it's not on our roadmap, but please continue helping us prioritize by voting for your top ideas:
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