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Dependent page layouts - data rules to show, hide, or make fields/sections req'd

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There are times when it would be ideal to show different fields or sections on a page based on field data. For example, if a field for "software interest" is selected on a lead page, it would be nice if a section and/or fields related to capturing more information on "Software" is displayed. If the field is not selected, then this section and/or fields remain hidden. Allowing greater customization on the page level based on data rules would make for more manageable and targeted page layouts.

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  • Vin Addala - 7 months ago

    Hello Trailblazers!

    Another quick update for everyone. Thanks to all the great feedback we received and I am happy to see so many have deployed on custom objects succesfully! We definitely hear you all when it comes to supporting standard objects for Dynamic Forms. It is definitely by far the top feedback we received and we had many discussions on this topic. Standard entities may have unique behaviors that we need to ensure are workign in the world of Dynamic Forms, as a result we have started working with the different entity teams. First step is we created a set of ideas tailored to each of the commonly requsted standard objects, so you can get updates directly from the team on its progress. We are still in the process of creating the rest of the ideas but, I wanted to get an update out ASAP.

    Please follow these links to upvote and directly enage with the team assigned to it:

    Thank you!
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