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Customization & App Building

EVERY time I train people I ALWAYS get the confused question and looks when they click on [name any tab, accounts, leads, ...] and they're presented with this view.

When you see this what do you assume the values in that list relate to? Partner Open leads right? Wrong. They are your recently viewed. People don't see that drop down on the far right side where it says "Recenlty Viewed." EVERY, Every person I train has this issue.

What I would like to see is one of two things happen.
1) Get rid of that drop down on the right and just have the list reflect the first (10 or 25) records as the view states. This is the expected behavior.

2) Move that recent drop down to the left side of the screen so people see there are two drop downs and the values below belong to the second one.

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  • Mary Scotton - 8 years ago

    Props to @Adam Leipold for providing a straightforward solution for overriding the Recently Viewed page.  Personally, I appreciate the Recently Viewed because I am not in the system that often, so I like to be reminded about what I'd done last.  But, I'm not a power user.  From these comments, it is clear that power users don't like Recent items, and brand new users are confused because they don't have any Recent items.  

    Copying Adam's solution here so that it floats to the top.  I know a code solution seems scary at times, but Visualforce has most of the standard UI components you need to arrange pages as you'd like.  In this case, a standard List View component.  It's worth the time to try some simple sample pages and see what you can do.  Let me know if you need help.

    An example, using the Opportunity object:

    1. Create a Visualforce page with just this code:

    <apex:page showHeader="true" tabstyle="Opportunity"> 
        <apex:ListViews type="Opportunity" /> 

    2. Go to go to Setup>Customize>The Object you want>buttons and links>and then edit the Opportunites Tab to change the default home page to your simple Visualforce page.

    3. Click on the Opportunities tab.  It's magic!

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