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View Callout Request and Response XML in Sandbox


Allow us to view the request and response xml from a callout to a web service in Sandbox environments. This is all that we see in the debug logs inside of Sandbox orgs: line 156, column 13: Sending callout request line 156, column 13: Reading callout response This is a huge inconvenience when developing. Whenever there is an issue, it would take sooooooooo much less time to debug something if I was able to see the callout request and response. Me: Hey Fred, I'm getting this error when calling your service. Fred: What is the exact request you are sending? Me: *Lowers head in embarrassment* I don't have that. doesn't capture the request xml being sent out or the response xml coming back in their Sandbox.

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  • Josh Kaplan - 6 years ago

    We can't do this without blowing up the debug logs. Debug logs can only be 2MB, and your request and/or response can be 12MB.  Even if it's only 1MB each, that's the end of your debug log.

    We have the same issue with String.  If we wrote out the value of each string every time it was changed, the logs would be consumed by the string variables. For these, we truncate, so you can get an idea of the contents of the variable.  A truncated request or response would be nothing but frustrating, as all you'd get would be the first part of the header.

    If you know your request or response is small, and won't consume your entire debug log, you can output the body directly by calling something like system.debug(req.getBody()).
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