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Allow Lookups fields to target Opportunity Products

Opportunities & Quotes

Allowing Lookup fields that can target Opportunity Products would significantly expand the possibilities for creating dynamic Quotes and Work Orders. If you copy an Opportunity Product (as done in the Apex Sample Application) the connection between the new Object and the original Opportunity Product should be maintainable so that changes to the Opp Prod can be reflected in the new Object.

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  • Aria Niazi - 5 months ago

    Hi Everyone,

    It hurts to be posting this update, but we have to remove the Lookup to Opportunity Product enhancement from the Winter ’21 release. We know it’s late in the process as some of you have even tested the feature in your pre-release orgs, but we recently discovered a bug that prevents us from releasing the feature, based on our high standards of Trust and quality. Over the last few years we have heard from hundreds of customers and we know how important this feature is for many of your businesses. This is not a decision that we made lightly and we have every intention to resolve the issue and release the feature in the Spring ’21 release.

    In an effort to be fully transparent for community members that would like to understand the technical issues that led us to this decision, following are some details that provide insight into why this request is more complicated for opportunity product as compared to custom objects.


    Internally we have two delete frameworks, and Opportunity Line Item delete uses the old delete framework because this entity was created before Salesforce had the newer delete framework that was built for the platform.

    We recently found an issue where in some scenarios after an Opportunity Line Item is deleted, the references to the lookup are not fully removed due to the limitations of the old delete framework. This creates a bug where the related record can’t be edited because it is in a bad state.


    The “right” way to address this issue is to move Opportunity Line Item to the new delete framework. This might sound simple, but as Trust is our #1 priority this will require extensive work as Opportunity Products deletion impacts features such as Product Schedules and Forecasting.

    We hope sharing this background is helpful, and we appreciate your patience as we work on delivering this feature with the quality you expect from Salesforce.
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