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Support for fully private (no read or write) activity sharing model.

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When you put private as an organization wide default for activities the following is true: «Only the activity owner, and users above the activity owner in the role hierarchy, can edit and delete the activity, users with read access to the record to which the activity is associated can view and report on the activity.» This means that if you share for example an account all the activities on that account become visible. This is very unlogical especialy since I specified in the sharing model that all activities should be PRIVATE! I would like to be able to setup a REAL private sharing model for activities. Only me and my above hierarchy would be able to see my activities regardless of who sees the related record!

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  • Ying Wang - 11 months ago

    Hi all, thank you for your passion for this idea. The team has evaluated the feasibility of addressing this idea since the last update. Trust is our number 1 value and we prioritize scale and performance concerns in all the enhancements we build. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult and very costly to change Activity sharing without degrading your experience. Therefore , we don’t plan to address this idea for Activities.

    Activities added by Einstein Activity Capture do support “private” sharing, where only recipients/participants of the email/event can view the activity details in timeline (more info is available here) . While I realize there are change management implications to going this route, it may help address some of the use cases listed here.
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