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Multiple email addresses for a contact

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I would like to have multiple email addresses associated with a contact.

A lot of times, the same contact uses different email addresses while logging a case and we have to manually merge all the contact info together. If its possible to assign multiple email addresses to a contact, and have the email2case automatically pick up the info when emails are sent from any of the email addresses, it'll be really helpful.

~~~~~~ Jan 2015 update from Product Management ~~~~~~

Hi all,

The Salesforce Product Management team wanted to chime in with an update regarding this feature request.

First, the ability for end users to arbitrarily add many email addresses to a contact is not on the current product roadmap.

With that said, there are a number of feature enhancements that have been made to address this pain point in specific areas of the product.

For example, in the upcoming Spring '15 release, the Salesforce for Outlook product will consider all email address type fields, including custom email fields, when reconciling email addresses on Outlook emails against Contacts & Leads, to display matches in the side panel.

Also, it has been mentioned in the comments section that for the Contact Send Email functionality, if you add a custom email field to a Contact, it will be available as an alternative email in the To field.

If you're interested in hearing about the roadmap status update for a particular use case regarding multiple email addresses, please comment in this thread about the specific use case, and we'll attempt to track down an update from the appropriate internal person.

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Latest Comment from Salesforce

  • Peggy Madani - 1 year ago

    Hello All, 

    Thank you for your feedback. Given your comments, we are going to change the status from 'Partial Delivery' back to 'Open'.

    Can you please provide details of what is not working? From the comments I see below, there are mentions of "it's not working". I want to ensure that the 'it' refers to the email2case part only or if there are some other issues with the recent implementation.


    Previous comment by Marla Hay, Product Manager (5 months ago):
    We've added the ability to store multiple email addresses and phone numbers in their own entities and tie them to contacts via the individual object - more on that in the Spring '20 release notes, here:
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