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Date Field Pop-Up Calendar / Date Picker

Customization & App Building

The current pop-up calendar which appears by default when a user clicks in a date field is user unfriendly in many circumstances. The list of values in the year pick list in the pop-up calendar begins with 2007. If the date field happens to be for a date of birth, or any date likely to be in a year prior to 2007, the user must either ignore the pop-up calendar and manually enter a date, or scroll manually (month-by-month) to the year and month of interest. I suggest that, for date fields, the pop-up calendar / date picker should be an option (to be selected when editing the field definition) and, furthermore, the start and end date of the pop-up calendar's date range should be user-defined during field definition if the pop-up calendar option is selected.

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  • Jennifer Sacks - 5 years ago

    @Chris Byrne: I hear you, and that's why we aren't marking this idea delivered with Winter '16. Incremental progress is good, but we know we have more to do. The team is definitely taking a step back to look at the larger picture, and we will be sure to update this idea as we have more details on what other enhancements you can expect. 

    Previous Update:
    All, with the new Lightning Experience, 
    the year issue is no longer a problem. The year droplist now goes back a long way. As for the requests for a more customizable calendar/date picket, that is a more complex request to update the underlying component and requires the involvement of several teams. I'm digging into that a bit more to see what might be on the roadmap for that area. I will update this space as I learn more.  

    @Rick Nendza and @Ryley Hayes, my understanding from the Service Cloud Console PM is that the calendar displayed there is inherited from core (i.e. not unique to the console). Happy to dig into that more if you can give me some more color on what "isn't fixed" based on the above update. 
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