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Adding Person Accounts to Campaigns

Accounts & Contacts

My company has over 35K Person Accounts. I was informed by Premier Support that only Leads and Contacts could be added in mass to campaigns. Person Accounts can only be added one at a time manually, which is quite rough when you have 2K+ to add. The idea/suggestion/plea is that salesforce build the functionality to add Person Accounts in bulk to a campaign the way you can with Leads and Contacts.

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  • Cari Aves - 3 years ago

    The feedback provided in the previous comments from the community members is correct. Person Accounts can be added to a Campaign in mass via a number of methods. The key thing to remember is that being a campaign member is a use case where the person account is acting as a "contact" so you are interacting directly with the person contact half of the record.
    • Contact List Views - be sure to remove any filters that exclude records where "Is Person Account" is True to ensure that person accounts are included in the list of records. Use the Add to Campaign button to add the selected person accounts to a campaign.
    • Contact Reports - person accounts can be included in both standard and custom Contact reports. Again, ensure that any filters excluding records where the "Is Person Account" field is True are removed. Use the Add to Campaign button from either report type to add the list of person accounts to the desired campaign.
    • Campaign: Manage Members - Search - person accounts are returned in the search results when adding campaigns via this method. Both account and contact fields can be used as search criteria to identify the desired person accounts. Use the "Is Person Account" field as part of your search criteria to search exclusively for person accounts.
    • Campaign: Manage Members - Import - person accounts can be imported as campaign members using the import wizard. The trick here is that you need the Person Contact Id for the person account in order to successfully import the records. This Id can be retrieved by running a report that includes the Contact ID and Contact: Is Person Contact fields. You can then export the report results for use as part of your import file. You can learn more about the import of person accounts as campaign members in this help topic: Add Existing Person Accounts to a Campaign with the Data Import Wizard

    Hopefully this helps to provide you some options and/or further clarify some of the previously shared suggestions.
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