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Would it be possible to add the function clone to users? sometimes people leave the company and some other person get their role, meaning that you would only need to clone the user and change the username and password to get her/him set up.

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  • Adam Torman - 5 years ago

    Hi Wolf - I understand your frustration. When I joined product management eight years ago, I was like Charlie in the Willy Wonka candy store - I wanted everything but only had the one dollar I found in the gutter to choose a piece of candy from everything in front of me. I had to temper my product addiction with a limited set of resources.

    I agree - cloning a user is a pretty standard administrative feature. And as a product owner, I definitely take ideaexchange seriously. It is one of the ways we get feedback on our product development (although not our only way to be fair). 

    Please be patient - if we're not updating an idea that has been out there for a long time, it's probably because there isn't an update. And ideas aren't implemented based on FIFO - this idea has been out there for eight years and has eighteen hundred points which is a lot less than many of the other features out there like de-dupe or log in as any user.

    My comment about contributing the code back to the community really did come from your original assertion that it was easy to build clone with a time estimate of 2 hours programming. If it was that easy, we probably would have done it a long time ago under low-hanging-fruit, but unfortunately it's not. Fields like division and related objects aren't necessarily exposed via the API making the work harder. If you look at the connections to user, it's like all roads leading to Rome - everything comes back to users including chatter and sharing. 

    Please be patient, we're trying to work through these ideas and much, much more.
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