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Be able to report on archived tasks

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Our clients currently do year over year reports with tasks and other objects. Salesforce reports do not pick up tasks with activity dates older than a year. They can not compare the current year with other years using salesforce reports. Doing an export is a work around, but it requires that users be database gurus (relate exported tables) to setup an external reporting application. Out of curiosity what would be an ok reporting tool? aka widely available or cheap?

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  • IdeaExchange Moderator - 5 years ago

    Hi Kurt-  Thank you for your feedback.  We do monitor Ideas but due to the sheer number out there, we aren't able to respond to every one out there. That being said though- we put in place a minimum point threshold in place last year to guarantee a product team response once an Idea hits it. This ensures that the Ideas that have a miminum level of interest get reviewed and responded to in a consistent fashion, and that you and our other customers know when an update can be expected. 

    The threshold is a very low 2,500 points (which is just 250 votes out of a community of nearly 2 million users & in a pool of Ideas where some are worth over 80,000 points out there).

    Coincidentally- this Idea just hit that threshold (2,500 points). Because of that it has been sent to our Product team for review during their next product planning cycle.  I'll circle back with an update once that exercise has been completed.  In the meantimme, thank you for your patience I know the lack of this functionality is causing frustration. 

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