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The power of One

Reports & Dashboards

The power of 1 – counting many things, one by one.

A lot of reporting is often about counting. But when you use summary reports in and count, you’ll mostly get the same number. For example, if I have 5 Accounts each with 5 Opportunities, and I use the record count in a summary report, I will get 25 as the total of Accounts, and 25 as the sum of the record count of opportunities.

Something obviously isn’t as I'd expect… but what?

Well, there are 25 records in the list and you are looking at 25 rows on the screen. The counts are right in that respect - but how to get the counts of the exact number of accounts no matter how many rows are on the screen?

The solution

For opportunities – create a formula fields “# of opportunities� in the opportunity and make it a number, and enter the number 1 in the formula. Also, make it visible to all roles, and uncheck the box to no place it any page layouts.

(the steps for this are shown here:)


Do the same for the accounts - create a formula field called “# of accounts� in the account, make it a number, and enter the number 1 in the formula.

Make it visible to all users, and don’t add it to anybody’s page layouts.

The result

Now, let’s do a summary report of opportunities:

Now we have the totals we might expect - 32 opportunities, 10 accounts. Also, if we are exporting to a spreadsheet via the "Printable View" to get the summary information, we will be able to see the right totals of the lines in a separate column.

I should really have set the # of decimals to 0 in the formula creation, but that's an exercise for the reader.

Any enhancements, or use cases where this doesn't work - please comment!

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