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Dynamic page layout for Salesforce1 mobile app

Provide a way to create a mobile optimized page layout for an object that's dynamically presented if the record is being accessed through the Salesforce1 mobile app (or mobile browser). The idea is that a single profile would have a default page… Show more

337 comments · 7 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Salesforce1 Calendar

Salesforce 1 is great!  Except for the lack of the Salesforce Calendar. It doesn't make sense to have calendar access outside of Salesforce. Please bring it to the app.

151 comments · 7 years ago

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In Pilot/Beta
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Add Task/Event Reminders to push notifications in Salesforce1 app

I would like to be reminded of Tasks & Events in the new Salesforce1 app via push notifications instead of manually checking in the app.

230 comments · 7 years ago

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Salesforce1 Admin login as another user

The same functionality that exists on the full site version for a system adminstrator to login in as another user to see what they see would extremely helpful in intial configuration, trouble shooting, training, developing, security, etc.Please add… Show more

139 comments · 6 years ago

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Partial Delivery in Spring 19
Idea was partially delivered. We post an update about anything that wasn't delivered.

Salesforce1 Should Show All List Views in the Salesforce1 App

Currently, Salesforce1 only shows the list views that you have recently accessed from the web application This can be problematic if someone wants to access a list view from the Salesforce1 app but has not accessed it recently from the web… Show more

143 comments · 7 years ago

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Delivered in Summer 16
Idea is generally available.

change record owner in Salesforce1

I would like to be able to change the owner of a record using Salesforce1. At the moment, this is not possible and limits the lead transfer from sales to marketing and within sales in a lead queue.thanks

207 comments · 7 years ago

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Salesforce1 Lookup Dialog Columns

Please add configuration options that allow admins to provide additional columns in the lookup dialogs from SF1.  Currently admins can provide additional information for desktop users, but within SF1 only the record name is displayed.  This makes it… Show more

73 comments · 6 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned
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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

Parameterized Reports in Salesforce1

Currently, passing Report parameters into Salesforce1 is not possible as they are not recognized by the application. This can be achieved in the full site, and it would be useful to have access to these Reports while accessing Salesforce through the… Show more

72 comments · 6 years ago

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Open - Not Planned
Open - Not Planned

please support landscape mode in Salesforce1 on android

I think the title says it.On android tablets, Salesforce1 always opens in portrait mode.That doesn't make much sence and landscape mode would drastically improve the usability on android tablets.

175 comments · 7 years ago

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