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Jeff Onsrud

Does anyone know what Salesforce uses to manage all the Tracks, Sessions, and Reminders for Dreamforce? I am sure it is something proprietary but I am looking for something like it (on a much smaller scale). Salesforce Labs Events released something in 2012 (last updated in 2016) and just does not seem to quote get there either. Maybe if it was updated just a bit. What I really want is the nice visual way of showing when sessions are, if they overlap, and helping users discover sessions and tracks to attend. Then the Post Sign-up management part. So Automated email follow-up (Flow or Engagement Studio ideally). And one key piece would be the consolidated .ics (or online GCal type format) that lets users add all the sessions they have selected to their calendar (so they don't forget and miss them). Thanks in advance for any help. More

3 months ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Disha Mehra

Hi Everyone! I'm hoping I might have some luck and someone in here has experience with this or has some recommendations. My company's Salesforce org is integrated with ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg platform, and DiscoverOrg recently acquired ZoomInfo and released a third platform called ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg which is a combination of both the platforms. My company has decided to go with the third platform and get rid of the other two integrations, I want to know what things I should be keeping in mind in this specific case before removing the existing integration (components, objects, fields.....) and installing the new one, and also the best practices. Thanks! More

3 months ago · 1 comments · 2 likes

Jeff Jin

Hello, Apex Test Kit releases version 3.0 now. It is a test data factory library, and being around for 2 years. The APIs become simpler to use than before, and the performance is better than before. Here is its Github link: Only 4 class files, 2 of them are test classes, check it out. ------------------------------- ATK.prepare(Account.SObjectType, 10) .field(Account.Name).index('Name-{0000}') .withChildren(Contact.SObjectType, Contact.AccountId, 20) .field(Contact.LastName).index('Name-{0000}') .field(Contact.Email).index('test.user+{0000}') .field(Contact.MobilePhone).index('+86 186 7777 {0000}') .save(true); --------------------------------- Here is how it can create 10 Accounts with name: Name-0001, Name-0002, Name-0003 etc. And for each account there are 2 contact child records. With save(false), it will only create the sObjects in the memory. withChildren() and withParents() can be chained to multiple levels. More

4 months ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Sulekha Paul

Hey Salesforce Test Engineers, *Ever thought of automating your automation scripts for Salesforce Page* I am working as Salesforce Test Automation Developer for almost 6 years now. Recently I have developed a chrome extension "SForce XPath Generator" (link : which is capable to generating xpath for all webelements on selected page. With this chrome extension, user would be empowered to generate below mentioned features: 1)XPATH: This extension scans all field visible on record/detail page and generates xpath for all fields in single click. 2)POM: Automatically generates POM for all WebElements visible on page with proper naming convention that could be copied into selenium POM files as it is. 3)PAGE FACTORY: Automatically generates Page factory for all WebElements visible on page with proper naming convention that could be copied into selenium page factory files as it is and can be embed in any framework 4)SELENIUM SCRIPT: Selenium(Java) script is automatically created for selected page with all actions associated with WebElements. Would request everyone to use and provide feedback. You may reach out to me on Linkedin account ( For detailed information visit website : Thanks..Anupam More

4 months ago · 0 comments · 1 likes

Mike Blee

While we all are trying to figure out next steps with continuing our businesses I wanted to share our Mason Frank white paper where we’ve teamed with some of our industry contacts, including Salesforce employees and MVP's, to create a guide on using Salesforce to overcome business challenges during these uncertain times, and I thought you might find it useful! There’s advice on topics like data security and useful tips and best practices for getting the most out of Salesforce Feel free to share with anyone you feel could use the advice - let's get through this together! More

4 months ago · 0 comments · 2 likes

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